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Nitrogen Filter Taps & Glands

nitrogen filter tap assembly for nitrogen flushing nitrogen filter tap assembly for nitrogen flushing

Filter Tap Assembly for gas flushing and head space air removal

Benefits of post gassing include:

  • Minimal initial capital outlay
  • Minimal gas usage resulting in cost savings
  • Hygienic
  • Repeatable, controlled R.O. (Residual Oxygen) levels
  • Ability to re-gas 

Filter Tap Assembly design:

  • Proven design ON/OFF air tight tap
  • Micro-porous non-toxic, FDA approved plastic filter
  • Push fits into pre-sealed bag flange/fitment
  • Filter is fusion welded to tap


gland for nitrogen flushing

28mm Press-Fit Gland
  • Component Materials Gland: Linear Low Density Polyethylene      
  • U.S. FDA Compliant
  • For use with various Bag-in-Box, Form Fill and Seal, and Pouch-Style Packaging
  • Heat seals on to bag and accepts interference fit, or press-fit, valves/taps.

Reusable Hygienic Probes

hygienic probe assembly

hygienic probe for nitrogen flushing hygienic probe for nitrogen flushing

hygienic probe for nitrogen flushing hygienic probe in bag for nitrogen flushing

Liners / Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)

fibc liner for nitrogen flushing 

fibc nitrogen flushing

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are available in several different configurations each designed to suit a particular application. All FIBCs feature a Form Fitted liner to ensure the ultimate in product protection and in handling efficiency.

FIBCs are designed for packaging between 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of dry, flowable materials.

FIBC with a form fitted liner greatly improves handling efficiency because the liner is the same size and shape of the outer FIBC.

  • This configuration allows for a consistent fill and complete dispense because there is no excess liner material stuffed into the FIBC to restrict product flow when filling or trap material in folds and pleats when dispensing.
  • Additionally, because the liner is same size and shape of the FIBC, there is little hazard of the liner discharging with the product into processing equipment by the user.
  • Once the liner is removed, the FIBC is available for immediate reuse and eliminates the need for costly cleaning operations.
  • Form Fit liners are manufactured from a variety of flexible film structures to provide various levels of product protection; from low density polyethylene to laminated foil and EVOH films.

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